Yes Massachusetts you have favorable Real Estate Market Conditions

Why you ask?

1.  Home Sales are extremely slow – Potential Homeowners and Borrowers have a better chance of finding the home that they really want because homes are staying on the market much longer.  Time to be picky but don’t wait to long!  And who knows how long these low mortgage rates will be this low for.

2.  All-Time low Mortgage Rates- Purchase costs are considerably lower then ever before with mortgage rates today.  Inquire within for current Mortgage Rates. And I’m serios, mortgage rates ARE at all-time lows.  4.5% 30 year fixed andARMS’s are in the high 3’s for qualified borrowers.

3.  Home prices are Going Down- The median sales price is down over 20% percent from were it was almost 4 years ago.  Purchase mortgage applications are at an all-time lows meaning real estate is not selling this summer.  People need to sell their homes and those that are are lowering their prices.

I think this summer is a perfect time to consider buying a home.  With mortgage rates at all-time lows and some of the current market conditions, are get off the sidelines and in the game.  This goes for current Homeowners looking to by a larger home or downsize, or even first-time homebuyers   617.771.5021

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